Molix Stick Flex 2.75"…


Molix Stick Flex 2.75″ Green Pumpkin



Made with the new MOLIX FORMULA developed by Molix, an extremely soft and flexible floating compound, which is more resistant to tearing and which contains salt and shrimp scent. As well as the added scent, The Stick Flex is UV active so it will really grab the attention of hungry predators.

The Stick Flex is a finesse bait with an extremely effective finesse action and is especially suited to the Ned rig. However it is a versatile lure that can also be used on other presentations such as Wacky-rig, Jig head and Weedless on Carolina and Texas rigs. The swimming action combined with the exclusive buoyancy of the material, guarantee an excellent lifelike stand up action of the bait when it is skipped on the bottom.

This is not just another stick bait, the Stick Flex features a soft ribbed and segmented body with a tapered end designed to drive perch and zander mad.

6 lures per pack.



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