Z-Man Scented Pogyz 3″…


Z-Man Scented Pogyz 3″ Purple / Chartreuse Tail 5 Pack



Designed to be fished on upright-swimming ShroomZ JigheadZ,  or weighted swimbait hooks, the PogyZ’s deep profile, segmented body, and teardrop shaped paddle tail create a tight, lifelike wiggle when retrieved. The addition of 100% natural Pro-Cure Super Gel scent results in a bait that entices more violent strikes and longer holds. A great zander lure when either jigged or fished on a retrieve. This lure is superb for dead-sticking for big perch. Impregnated with 100% natural Pro-Cure Mullet Super Gel

Made from the incredible Elaztech material these lures are incredibly stretchy, durable and naturally buoyant.

Do not mix Elaztech lures with other soft plastics

5 lures per pack.

Lure size 3 inch.

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