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Dynamite Baits Spod & Bag Mix Sweet 2kg


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A quality dry mix containing, pellets, mixed particles, boilie chops and hemp, Sweet Spod & Bag Mix can be used dry or re-hydrated for added attraction and maximum flavour leakage, in a PVA bag or as a carpet feed.

To make it even more potent use in conjunction with the Dynamite Baits Premium Liquid Carp Foods.

  • Perfect for use during spring to autumn.
  • Contains a high oil content.
  • Mixed sized highly nutritious food items.
  • Packed with attractants.
  • Can be used on its own or as a base to any bulk Spod mix.
  • Use in solid PVA bags, mesh PVA bags, spod mixes or feeders.
  • When spodding add liquids such as CSL for a clouding effect.
  • High quality universal Spod & Bag mix with specially selected food items.
  • Packed in a 2kg re-sealable bag.
  • Also available in a fishmeal option.

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