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Dynamite Baits Spod Mix Krill 1.5kg


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Particles have increasingly become a key part of an angler’s armoury when it comes to bait, and Dynamite certainly noticed this encroaching trend and added two new liquid boosted pouches of mixed particles to their range of already outstanding baits to bring a different perspective to the way you draw fish in to your hook. You could be targeting for specimen carp, tench, bream or barbel and all of them will want to come your way thanks to the powerful attractant contained in these extremely handy and high quality particles.

These premium prepared particles have been doused and stabilised in the Dynamite’s highest quality liquid carp food; either CSL liquid or Krill liquid. Both of these flavours with create a lingering attractive cloud on the lake bed that lasts long after the particles have been eaten; so carp will still come swimming even after the main bulk of your bait has been used up, giving you the opportunity to bank even more specimen fish as they are attracted to the remaining scent of the bait. The liquid attractants leak out over the course of several hours, this will maximise the time carp will be hurrying to your spot on the bank whilst you sit in your bivvy.

If your preferred baiting method is to use dissolving PVA bags, then you can also make the most out of this sublime bait mix as they are PVA friendly. The versatility of this bait is incredible, as they are ready to use straight from the bag as well and there is no need to freeze them once opened, so you can use them on longer fishing trips without worrying that they will lose their appeal or go off. The packaging is also re-sealable so when you inevitably have to transport them with the rest of your gear, there will be no chance of the contents spilling out thanks to the secure packaging.

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