Evolution Baits Maggot Ball Clusters White


Evolution Baits Maggot Ball Clusters White


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Six maggots are joined together in a star shape, with a recess on the top for a hair stop and a lug on the underside. The Clusters have proved hugely popular and are used in many ways from making a complete ball of maggots for chod rigs, or on their own as a topper for a boilie.

The baits are made from super soft food grade plastic and are buoyant and can take on flavours. They come in 9 popular colours Red, White, Yellow, Night Glow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple and Black.

The Maggot Ball Clusters are so soft and yet incredibly strong and give you the angler a new edge in presenting a bait in ways that were not possible before.

8 pieces per pack.

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