Gardner Covert Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves Silt


Gardner Covert Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves Silt



Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves are ideal for use with shorter hooklinks.

  • Semi stiff compound will hold position on size 8 swivels and is flexible enough not to rip when stretched.
  • 14mm length helps to reduce tangles and kick out the hooklink away from the lead aiding presentation.
  • Large bore allows easy threading of any hooklink.
  • Low-viz camo colours available in C-Thru Green, Brown and Black (Silt) to match the rest of the COVERT range.

Recommended: Use COVERT Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves with Kwik Lok Swivels to keep looped hooklinks in position or as a boom on helicopter rigs to reduce the risk of tangles on the cast.

Available in Silt, C-Thru Green and C-Thru Brown, 20 sleeves per pack.

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