Gardner Covert Sinking Rig Tube Green


Gardner Covert Sinking Rig Tube Green



An effective way of reducing tangled hook lengths during the cast.

  • Extra robust PVC compound offers superior abrasion resistance and strength compared to other types of anti-tangle tubing available.
  • Thick 0.5mm wall is fast-sinking and ensures the tube genuinely hugs the bottom, effectively disguising your rigs from wary feeding fish.
  • Does not crack, distort or retain air bubbles that are common problems with many rig tubes and prevents them from lying flat on the bottom.
  • 0.75mm uniform diameter bore makes it easier to thread the mainline. When you are threading the line, it is easier if the tube and line are dry.
  • Unlike other rig tubes it retains its elasticity, has low memory and straightens easily when gently stretched. It will then remain straight without coiling or discolouring in any way.
  • 3 x 2m lengths per pack (6m) means excellent value for money. Mixed pack contains 1 x 2m length of each colour.
  • Low-viz camo colours available in Green, Brown, Heron Grey and Mixed to match the rest of the Covert range, suiting many different lake or river beds.

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