K.P Baits XO Minnow 5.5'' Colour 073


K.P Baits XO Minnow 5.5” Colour 073


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The XO Minnow from K.P Baits is a must have for vertical jigging for zander, Pike and large perch.

The forked tail flickers and moves with even a gentle lift of the bait. The soft yet durable material used means that the lure readily folds over when hit meaning that a good hook hold is far more likely. These lures are best used with a stinger hook, essential for short biting zander.

These quality baits are all made in the U.S so good quality and consistency are guaranteed. 

Length: 13,75cm
Weight: 10g
Hook size: 3/0 + additional hook
Made in U.S.A

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