Kryston Merlin - 25lb


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Kryston Merlin – 25lb


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High strength Dyneema filaments have been interlaced with High Tenacity Polyester to produce a robust, yet extremely soft supple braid that is ideal for many angling situations and especially when fishing against heavy weed and snags.

Easy to tie and knot with grinners, palomars and no knots, this no-frills reliable product is suitable for a wide variety of modern day rigs. Use directly from hook to swivel, or connect it to stiffer material with a three-turn water knot to use as the final third soft section of a combi-rig. For those who have discovered the benefits of using an extra long soft hair for their rigs, its smooth supple behaviour in water allows plenty of separation between the hook and bait within the carps mouth and places no constraints on your presentation.

This weighted super braid is perfectly balanced to gently sink giving superb presentation with many modern rigs. Combine its low diameter, excellent knot strength and high abrasion resistance and you can see why it makes it an ideal choice for many for both carp and barbel.

Available in 12lb, 15lb and 25lb.

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