Owner 5176 Barbless Circle Hooks - 4/0


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Owner 5176 Barbless Circle Hooks – 4/0


Out of stock


Exclusive to Catfishing UK. You will not get these anywhere else in the UK.

Circle hooks have been increasing in popularity now for several years. The beuaty of this hook is that you do not need to strike! All you do is simply slowly wind down to the fish and it is hooked. The circle hook was first developed for commercial long line boats as it has a superb hook-up rate. People fishing for billfish and shark soon caught on to the fact that they increased the hook-up rate and decreased the chance of deep hooking with these hooks. This makes it ideal for catch-and release sport and big game fishing.

Due to the shape of this hook a barb is not really necessary, barbed hooks are also banned on many commercial fisheries making this pattern ideal.

Available sizes: 4/0 pack of 7, 6/0 pack of 6 at £6.50.

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