P-Line Extrusion 14lb 0.28mm 1000m


P-Line Extrusion 14lb 0.28mm 1000m



P-LINE EXTRUSION is one of the most technologically advanced copolymer on the market – it is produced by combining three different types of nylon and adding a special abrasion resistant additive, which minimises damage from rocks, branches, etc.
EXTRUSION has almost zero stretch (up to 40% less than that of conventional lines) allowing for direct contact with the fish, heightening the angler’s sensitivity, reducing reaction time to a minimum and thus increasing the number of catches.

Features of P-LINE EXTRUSION :

  • Superb abrasion resistance
  • Near zero stretch factor
  • Amazing sensitivity
  • High linear and knot strenght
  • Easy castability
  • Low memory

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Weight 1 kg


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