Quantum Mr Pike Drop-off…


Quantum Mr Pike Drop-off Bite Indicator.



Good bite indication is essential when fishing for pike. When ledgering, if you do not have a good drop off indicator then you run the risk of deep hooking pike. This drop off arm in the Mr Pie range by Quantum, is simply the best that we have seen. Not only does it come with an adjustable line grip to suit different diameter lines, it is supplied with 2 heads, bright white and flouro orange, to suit personal preference and light conditions. There is a set of 3 removable weights inside the head which means that any flow or undertow can be counter balanced easily. The interchangeable heads also contain a recess suitable for a glow stick or isotope meaning that any movement of the head will easily be seen at night or in low light conditions. Another neat touch is that rather than fixing to the bank stick/rod pod via a simple Terry clip, these indicators have an adjustable clamp. Not only does this give them a wider range than using a Terry clip, it does nit weaken over time like they do.

An excellent drop off indicator.




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