Richworth S-Core 1kg 15mm…


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Richworth S-Core 1kg 15mm shelf life boilies


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Richworth were the first boilie company in the world with over 30 years of bait making experience.

S Core Original – a bait for all season packed with our unique amino acid blend (aminoplex stimulant) that attracts carp from afar. 

Every boilie in the range is made with the highest quality ingredients and flavours available, so you can be confident these S-Core boilies will help you put more fish on the bank.

This amino blend not only attracts carp to the swim it positively induces them to feed, searching out the last boilie in the swim. The base mix is our own tried and trusted birdfood mix that has been crushed down to release the oils from the seeds far quicker than they would normally. This is a double edged sword – a really well thought out bait that carp love. 

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