Rig Marole SLS Specimon Tough Line 12lb 1000m


Rig Marole SLS Specimon Tough Line 12lb 1000m



Our SLS Specimon® line has been designed with one thing in mind – toughness. This line is a real work horse and has been specially made to be used in the toughest of conditions. Snags, gravel bars, tree roots – you can throw what you want at SLS Specimon® Tough and be sure that you are using the toughest line in the business.

The fast sinking, low stretch, low memory line is super smooth to minimise friction and maximise casting distance.

The line is copper brown, making it virtually invisible on the lake bed – and because it sinks so well – that’s exactly where it will be, nicely pinned down!

SLS Specimon® Tough

12lb – 1000m (0.30mm), 15lb – 1000m (0.33mm), 18lb (0.37mm)

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