Sufix 832 Braid 0.24mm 17.7kg/39lb 120m/130yds


Sufix 832 Braid 0.24mm 17.7kg/39lb 120m/130yds


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A very tough, abrasion resistant braid from Sufix. This braid is constructed from 7 dyneema strands and a strand of Gore, which gives gives the enhanced abrasion resistance. The braid has 32 weaves per inch which gives a very tight, round and smooth profil to the braid. This braid also gives incredable knot strength.

In this breaking strain this line is an obvious choice for pike fishing whether it be bait or lure. It is also great for carp fishing when you don’t want any stretch in the line – long distance fishing or snag fishing etc. It also makes for a great spod or marker line.

Colour dark green
B.S 17.7kg (98lb)
Length 120m (130Yds)

Dia 0.24mm (0.009”)



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