Z-Man Diezel Chatterbait Mulletron


Z-Man Diezel Chatterbait Mulletron



The patented Chatterbait design offers unrivalled flash, vibration, sound and erratic action. The hex shaped Chatterblade acts as a weed guard to help keep the lure from snagging. The DieZel ChatterBait also features a heavy-duty custom 4/0 Mustad hook, a custom stamped stainless bait keeper, and a super strong Fastach clip to make it the most bulletproof bladed jig available. Paired with a matching 10X Tough 4-inch DieZel MinnowZ body, it can withstand strike after strike from the crushing jaws of predators.

Made from the incredible Elaztech material these lures are incredibly stretchy, durable and naturally buoyant.

Do not mix Elaztech lures with other soft plastics

1 lure per pack.

Lure size 4 inch

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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