Big battle to make ‘fishery of the future’

Disabled fishing and an eco project forms the unique proposition that some angling experts see as a ‘fishery of the future’.

Robert Taylor-Hughes is trying to get planning permission to create the fishery – combined with an eco farm that will grow crops using fish waste as fertiliser.

Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish Council voted against the scheme 4-3 in the first meeting.

So now Robert hopes to persuade the planning officer to get the ruling overturned and to push ahead with his Eco Lake Farm and Fishery in Cumbria.

Robert told Angler’s Mail: “The council rejected the plans 4-3.

“The pitchforks were truly out from the ‘backward neighbourhood’ and there was even a negative poster campaign posted along the road leading to the fishery.

“I’m basically trying to create a farm on farmland and a disabled fishery on a water that has traditionally had fishing.”

Disabled fishing group involved
Robert continued: “I’ve been in consultation with the British Disabled Angling Association to help design it.

“We’ll be having proper disabled pegs, disabled toilets and a special kitchen so wheelchair users can make a hot drink.

“But some locals are against it saying I’m a property developer and will be putting in a leisure centre and a house – when I’m not.

“But we’ve got provisional funding and permission from the Government in the Rural Payments Agency and DEFRA respectively but the council voted against it.

“I’ve got a meeting with the council planning officer coming up and a chance to overturn the decision in a public meeting on March 6.

“The farm side is interesting. Native fish will be grown on site for bio-security and the fish waste recycled into fruits and plants in a closed loop water recycling process.

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