Matt Marlow

Matt Marlow

As a youngster, I fished mainly for Carp, Tench and Crucian carp on still waters. I also cut my teeth catching all the usual species found in my local canals, usually on the float.

I also use to do a lot of stalking, for chub, on small intimate rivers. I eventually became an obsessive carp angler, a targeted them exclusively for many years. My UK PB carp stands at 48.12oz.I have caught some big carp in France too, with commons over 60lbs and mirrors to over 70lbs.

Since leaving the carp scene I have become much more of an all-round angler again and most of my fishing is done on rivers around the UK. Barbel were my main focus over the last few years and my PB stands at 16.04oz. I also love my perch fishing and my UK best so far is 4.04oz, a river fish, and a PB I may never better, and a lure caught 5lb perch from Holland is my all-time best. I may never beat those PB’s but I’ll have fun trying.

Trotting for Grayling, sat behind buzzers for Bream, lure fishing for Perch, waiting for the rod to arch over when Barbel fishing or waiting for the float to lift on a Tench and Crucian pond, it’s all fishing and I love it all equally. My roll as Chairman of the RACG is an exciting one as I am passionate about angling and our countryside. I will do all I can to get the results we need, to make our rivers healthy for all our wildlife, not just our fish.

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