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AFW Surflon Micro Supreme 49 Strand 20lb



Perhaps the best leader wire available! Surflon Micro Supreme is miniature 49 strand stainless steel wire that is extremely flexible and kink resistant. This wire is ideal for many types of predator fishing. Because it can be knotted, it provides greater flexibility then just crimping or twisting. Surflon Micro Supreme is extra limp and has virtually no memory or stretch.

This wire is ideal for zander in lower breaking strains and very delicate presentations can be achieved. This is also an ideal trace material for perch fishing when pike may be present.Due to its limpness and nylon coating this wire is also suitable as a hooklink for catfish, again where pike may be a problem. Can be knotted or crimped.

Camo colour, supplied on a 5m spool.

If crimping use AFW leader sleeve #1 for 20lb, #2 for 26lb and #3 for 40lb

Available in 20lb, 26lb and 40lb breaking strains.

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