BKK Silent Chaser Draggin'…


BKK Silent Chaser Draggin’ NED Hooks 5.25g Size 1/0 Green



Designed specifically for ned rigging, BKK Silent Chaser-Draggin’ NED Jigheads are detail packed in every way. The jighead hooks themselves use a O’Shaughnessy style bend for maximum strength and are finished with BBK’s signature super slick coating for enhanced penetration. A recessed eye reduces snags and protects the knot from rock and other hard surfaces. The bait keeper allows for easy attachment and holding of elastomeric and standard soft bait formulas. Each head has slight ribbing on the face to provide for extra sensitivity along with size & weight specifications are embossed for easier selection.

4 per pack

Colour: Mat Green



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Weight 0.1 kg


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