Lucky John Fluorocarbon Hard…


Lucky John Fluorocarbon Hard 30m 0.235mm 9lb



Fast-sinking (specific weight – 1,78 g/cm3) durable fishing line designed for tying leaders and shock leaders. Fluorocarbon is invisible in water (light refraction angle is the same as with water), does not absorb water and retains its durability for a long period. Low linear stretching ability prevents the thinning of fishing line and retains
its durability, which allows making a stiff strike. The fishing line is unreeled onto high-tech doughnut spools of 30 metres. The fishing line is produced and unreeled at a specialised factory in Japan.

‣ 100% fluorocarbon
‣ Fast sinking
‣ Invisible in water
‣ High sensitivity
‣ Zero water absorption
‣ Enhanced wear-resistance
‣ Durable at the knot
‣ Transparent colourless fishing line


Lucky John

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Weight .1 kg


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