Lucky John Joco Shaker…


Lucky John Joco Shaker 3.5″ Colour F33 Ocean Pearl



The Joco shaker is a classic shad shape with a ribbed body for extra vibration in the water. The lure is made from a low density material which means it floats and will maintain this floating property even if bitten by a pike or zander. The lure is impregnated with a mackerel scent which is also applied to the lures surface in a liquid form to enhance it’s attraction even further. The lure has pockets for offset hook insertion which make them particularly suitable for fishing rigs such as Texas and Carolina as the lure will drop at a slower rate that the bullet weight and remain a lot more visible to the fish.

4 lures per pack.

Colour F33 has a phosphorescent glow.




Lucky John


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