Lucky John Unagi Slug…


Lucky John Unagi Slug 3″ Colour F33



This is a bait that got us really excited when we first saw it. The Unagi Slug is a floating bait that can be fished in various ways. it is suited to a weedless approach on Carolina/Texas rigs, Cheb rigged even fished on a drop shot. An obvious rigging technique for this lure is to fish it on a ned rig. Unlike so many other passive stick baits, the segmented tail and fine paddle tail of the Unagi Slug can be fished actively and they will shudder and vibrate at the slightest movement driving perch and zander crazy, the impregnated shrimp attractant further adds motivation for predators to come and hit this bait. This is a real winner.

7 baits per pack.


Lucky John

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