Quantum Gipsy D SU 62mm Tuna

£5.00 £2.50


Quantum Gipsy D SU 62mm Tuna

£5.00 £2.50

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New Minnow Wobbler from Quantum. The Minnow Gipsy is available in three sizes, each with three different depths, covering a huge range of modern angling techniques. From fishing on very light tackle in streams for trout to deep trolling for zander, this series covers it all.

Eight attractive designs ensure optimal visibility of the lure in any water colouration, any weather and at all times of day.

Supplied with two ultra-sharp treble hooks as well as two single hooks with a large eye, giving the angler
the option of switching to a single-hook rig.

Equipped with ball bearings for directional stability, the wobbler flies straight and far without rotating on the cast.

The Minnow Gipsy is a floating wobbler, available in three different depths. FD SU = Flat Diver Suspending D SU = Diver Suspending DD SU = Deep Diver Suspending

Length 62mm

Weight 5g

Depth 0.8m




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