Quantum Top Gipsy F 7.5cm Koi

£6.30 £2.50


Quantum Top Gipsy F 7.5cm Koi

£6.30 £2.50


New two-piece stickbait with two interchangeable tails in soft plastic in colours to match the design. The Top Gipsy dances to light twitches of the rod in a ‘walk the dog’ action across the surface of the water, driving predators wild. The 7.5 cm and 10 cm sizes cover perch, trout, chub and pike sport perfectly. Eight attractive designs ensure optimal visibility of the lure in any water colouration, any weather and at all times of day.

Supplied with two ultra-sharp treble hooks as well as two single hooks with a large eye, giving the angler the option of switching to a single-hook rig.

Length 7.5cm

Weight 5g

Depth Surface






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