The Cats Whiskers Wafters…


The Cats Whiskers Wafters 30mm Secret Squid



Designed by catfish angler Dave Mutton in partnership with a professional bait rolling company, these Pop-ups are based on the Secret Squid base mix with added whey gel and egg albumen to give a firmer more rubbery texture ideal for hook baits. Cork dust has been added to the mix to give the required buoyancy whilst still retaining all the attractors of the original base mix. By being slightly more buoyant than the bottom baits, these wafter hook baits will waft around enticingly encouraging the catfish to pick out the hookbait.

These 30mm shelf life baits offer a convenient and very effective bait for catfish and are big enough to overcome the attentions of nuisance fish along the way. With a high percentage of water soluble attractors, these baits offer a quality food base combined with a high ‘instant attraction’ food signature. As proved in testing, catfish will return to these baits time and time gain.

The Cats Whiskers- Baits made from quality ingredients combined with years of bait making knowledge and catfishing experience.

Each Pack contains 9 pop-ups (approx 150g nett weight)



The Cats Whiskers


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