Bite Of Bleak 8cm…


Bite Of Bleak 8cm DFC Worm Motoroil Glitter



The DFC worm from Bite Of Bleak is one of the most exciting baits we’ve seen in a long time! It takes Ned fishing to the next level. This floating, stretchy bait is soft yet tough and, unlike most ‘Ned sticks’ has plenty of movement. The slated body on a thin central column means that the bait will flicker and dance with just the slightest of movements, it’s design gives it a large profile, but, as soon as a fish hits it, it just folds up and the fish is on.

A fantastic bait for perch and zander, it will also be a hit for wrasse fishing as it lends itself to fishing Texas, Carolina etc. The DFC has also proved to be an excellent bait for fishing on a dropshot.

6 per pack

Made from TPE – do not mix with non TPE lures.


Bite Of Bleak

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