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Bite Of Bleak Butter Bolt 7.5cm Motoroil Glitter



The lure that won Perch Pro 8! This was the lure used by Pelle Seth to catch the stunning 51cm perch to give team Bite Of Bleak a last gasp victory in Perch Pro 8.

The Butter Bolt imitates a freshwater goby, a fish common in Europe, but equally represents any small bait fish. With it’s bulbous nose and large fins, it really moves some water. The tight tail and large paddle give off high frequency vibrations, known to attract perch. This lure can be fished fast but is equally good when fished slower to tempt those lazy perch. This lure can be obviously be fished on a standard jighead but also is slotted to aid weedless presentations.

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Bite Of Bleak

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