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Bite Of Bleak Nazeebo Worm 10cm Shampo Oil



The Nazeebo Worm from Swedish perch specialists Bite Of Bleak is a floating TPE plastic designed for fishing the Ned rig. The tapered top of the worm gives the worm that extra bit of movement compared to parallel stick baits, which just acts to trigger cagey perch.

The parallel base section can easily be cut down to make the bait a bit shorter if required. Although the worm is designed for Ned fishing, it can also be used just as effectively on Texas and Carolina rigs where it can be balanced against the hook weight to create a floating or slow sinking bait. Of course it also makes an excellent bait for Neko rigging with a wacky hook. It can also be used on a dropshot rig.

8 worms per pack

Note; Do not mix TPE with ‘ordinary’ soft baits, ideally keep in the packet.


Bite Of Bleak

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