Molix Caleo Craw Baby…


Molix Caleo Craw Baby 3” Orange Pumpkin pack of 10



This is the smaller of the Caleo Craw lures. These lures imitate crayfish fantastically, due not only to their looks but also the construction. They are made from 2 different density materials. The body is high density so it will penetrate through weed etc while the claws are manufatured from a low density material which allows them to wave around seductively and makes the lure ‘stand up’ in the defensive position like a real crayfish. The underside of the lure is ribbed which increases vibration in the water and also traps air and releasesit under water. The lure is further enhanced with salt and a bio-amino scent.

This lure is perfect for flipping and pitching, texas and carolina rigging, TRD’s, bottom bnounced on a jighead or Cheb rig. It can even be used on a dropshot for large perch.

10 per pack.



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