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K.P Baits Mud Minnow 3.5” Colour 008 Pack of 5


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K.P Baits are the brainchild of professional angler and guide Kalle Paavola. Kalle is amongst the best lure anglers in Finland so he knows a thing or two about lures!

The Mud Minnow is a longish hybrid of a shad and grub. Its strength is an tempting action even in extremely slow retrieves. Really effective in warm temperatures for big perch and zander. Slow dragging on the bottom has proven to be annoying enough to get even the most selective fish to bite. Best hooking and action is achieved by using size 2/0-3/0 hooks. 

Length: 8,75cm
Weight: 5,9g
Hook size: 2/0-3/0
Material: Made in U.S.A

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