Nutrabaits River Plus Shelf…


Nutrabaits River Plus Shelf life Barrels 400g



Exciting new addition to our range and a first for Nutrabaits is our River Plus range of baits. Field tested extensively with phenomenal results year round.
Our Trigga range in both shelf life and freezer baits have always been a big favourite with specialist anglers targeting Barbel, Chub, Tench etc. and working with both Brian Skoyles and Alfie Naylor we have taken this even further with upping attraction levels with the addition of proven additives and flavour combinations a perfect blend of high quality ingredients along with high levels of attraction.

Available in 12mm x 15mm Barrels only.

• Produced from the highest quality ingredients.
• Based on the proven success of the Trigga range.
• With additional attractors and flavour boosters to ensure maximum effectiveness in running water.
• Extensively trialed on the River Trent in a wide range of conditions with consistent success.




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