Rapala Super Shadow Rap 16cm Hot Pike


Rapala Super Shadow Rap 16cm Hot Pike



Opportunistic predators can’t deny the Super Shadow Rap® as it kicks hard to the side, and then slowly fades away into the depths like a dying fish. Its tall body perfectly mimics the silhouette of a big baitfish while the famous Shadow Rap® action dances the Super Shadow Rap® almost on the spot like an easy meal. Twitch it gently for on-the-spot action; or rip it hard to send it gliding into the mouth of a big fish. Fitted with VMC® Coastal Black™ hooks.

  • Durable 2-Part Plastic with Integrated Lip
  • Highly Detailed Finishes
  • Responsive, Tight-Turning
  • Large Predator Gamefish
  • VMC® Coastal Black™ Treble Hooks

Length 16cm

Weight 77g

Depth 1-1.4m (3-5′)

Hooks 2 x 3/0



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Weight 0.3 kg


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