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Reuben Heaton Competition Measure FM3



Fantastic competition measures from Reuben Heaton Below are all the features and benefits.

1. Each batch of measures is checked using traceable calibrated measures.
2. Accuracy greater than 1 part in 500 (approximately 0.1% of range).
3. Non-stretch UV stable print and material construction.
4. High visibility print design maximises readability, prevents parallax error and boosts contrast
for competition adjudication and app use when photographed.
5. Larger 50mm head end and witness line to aid fish head contact identification.
6. Positioning guide for correct fish position and graduations compatible with European
standard left to right competition format.
7. Developed in conjunction with event organisers and event app designers.
8. Ratified by National and International event organisers.
9. Wipe clean non-absorbent measure and head end surfaces for ease of maintenance and
prevention of disease transfer.
10. Integral shock cord lanyard for measure retention and stowage.
11. Full warranty, product support and aftersales service.
12. Fully laminated waterproof adhesive option (selected models only) for measuring board
applications and individual build applications.
13. Recyclable materials used in construction and packaging.

Dimensions : 1.3m x 25cm

If you require a narrower measure, se our listing for the FM1 version.



Reuben Heaton

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