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Lucky John Hama Stick 3.5″ Colour T26 Orange Chart



The Hama Stick from Lucky John is a lure that just screams dropshot’ as a positive lure for zander and big perch it is simply fantastic. it vibrates at the slightest touch and the mackerel scent it gives off just oozes attraction to predators, once they bite the lure the scent and taste mean they hold on for longer improving hook up rates.

The Hama Stick is a lot more than a straight forward dropshot lure though. It is designed so that it can be fished with offset hooks and the slot on the back of the lure means that it can be truly be fished weedless. The lure will effortlessly glide thorough heavy vegetation, tempting even the most wary fish out to have a bite.

9 lures per pack.


Lucky John

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