Strike Pro Gunslinger 16cm…


Strike Pro Gunslinger 16cm Colour Alcatraz



Strike Pro Gunslinger 16 is a super bait for traditional vertical jigging and pelagic sharpshooting. The profile of this soft-bait matches that of bleak, rudd and roach, naturally giving the bait a higher profile than most traditional soft-baits for vertical jigging. The action of the spearhead shaped tail is one of a kind, seductively waving from left to right rather than moving up and down, which hard-pressured fish have never seen before! For a more vibrating and more subtle approach, cut the flat tail to a “V”-shape with a pair of scissors.

For more finesse applications check out our range of 10cm Gunslinger DS lures- deadly for big perch as well as zander.

Pack of 6 Lures.


Strike Pro


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