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K.P Baits Skeleton Shad 3” Colour 014 pack of 5


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K.P. baits is the brainchild of Finnish professional angler and guide Kalle Paavola. All lures are designed by Kalle and manufactured in the U.S. so they are very good quality and they work, simple as that.


Skeleton Shad has the body shape of an accordion, which gives it a ripple effect underwater. The tail, shaped like a duck’s flipper, has a wide motion that attracts predators. We have been testing these lures ourselves and, as well as perch and zander, we have taken pike to over 20lb on them. A fantastic finish and top quality silicone will guarantee your success. Best hooking and action is achieved by using size 1-1/0 hooks. Has given great results also in drop shotting.

Length: 7,5cm
Weight: 3,2g
Hook size: 1-1/0
Material: Made in U.S.A

Pack of 5

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