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Manns / Quantum Q-Paddler 10cm Magic Motoroil + Citrus Shad UV Power Mix



Yet another shad with a waggling tail? No. The Paddler is based upon the natural, slender design of a no-action soft lure with a flat rear section that creates the high-frequency swaying of the lure. The wide head guarantees perfect stability of the jig and enticing water displacement even with the slightest twitch. What is more, the paddle-shaped tail is set at an angle that always creates striking wagging to and fro regardless of the retrieve speed and jump height without over-twisting!

A perfect combination of the best catch colors and optimal bait sizes, refined with 100 percent krill extract! Krill, proven to be the most effective attractant for all fish. It not only stimulates lazy predators to bite, but also makes them hold a bait in their mouths longer. Available in two sizes: the eight centimetre paddler version is irresistible to the perch and the Q-paddler in ten centimetres is fantastic for large perch and zander. Available as a Clear Water Mix for visible water as well as bright fishing weather with sunshine. But also as a UV power mix for cloudy water and dark skies. And as an all-round mix for all types of water and lighting conditions.

Pack of 5 lures 3 x Magic Motoroil, 2 x Citrus Shad




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