Lucky John 2.6" 65mm…


Lucky John 2.6″ 65mm Frog Colour 003



A soft plastic frog lure for fishing for pike amongst the lily pads. In summer, pike are renowned for hitting frogs on the surface and this fantastic lure from Lucky John is designed for those times. The soft body collapses when the pike strikes, leaving the sharp double hooks exposed and ready to hit home.

Tip, do not strike too early with frogs or you will pull the lure from the fishes mouth. Don’t strike when you see the pike hit the lure but wait until you feel the weight of the fish and then set the hooks. You need a rod with plenty of backbone for this style of fishing something with a casting weight of 30-50g is ideal.

Length 2.6″ 65mm

Weight 18g


Lucky John

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Weight .1 kg


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